Spring Cake by Chef Julia Fedorova, New York, New York


        This cake is a beautiful floral combination using the familiar spring flowers. Gentle dogwoods are a great addition to bright lilac branches. The cake would be suitable for all spring celebrations, particularly for Mother’s Day.



  • Gum paste (Sweet Art Master)

  • Petal dust (Sour apple, Forest, Pine, Sage - Crystal Colors, African violet- Sunflower Sugar Art, Aurora rose- Elite Color, Brown- Chefmaster, Lime-green, Yellow- Candy-n-cake, Deep rose- Wilton)

  • Royal purple and Fuchsia (Fondust)

  • Edible glue (Sweet Art Master)

  • Confectioners glaze (CK Product)

  • Alcohol (Everclear)


  • Veiners, cutters, molds (Sweet Art Master)

  • Boll tools

  • Rolling pin

  • Non-stick board

  • Tweezers

  • Flower tape (pale green, brown)

  • 30-, 28-, 26-, 24- gauge wires (white and green)

  • Pliers

  • Yellow stamens (small size)

  • Foam pad

  • dummy cake 8 inches dia covered with white fondant

  • Freezer

  • Dusting brushes

  • Cake oard


1. Mix base, yellow and green colored a gum paste (4:1:1).


Knead the paste 1-2 minutes until the paste becomes pliable and stretchy.

2. Cut 2 ¼- 2 ½ inches of 24-gauge green wire, make a small hook.  Moisturize the end of the wire with an edible glue.https://www.sweetartmaster.com/product-page/edible-invisible-glue




3. Tightly fill a dogwood center mold with the gum paste. Insert the wire in the middle of the mold.

4. Leave the mold in a freezer for 20-30 minutes.




5. Take the mold from a freezer and separate right away the gum paste center from the mold. Leave it to dry for 12 hours.




6. For the cake make:

two small size - mold # 914m https://www.sweetartmaster.com/product-page/dogwood-center-mold-s-early-flowering-time-914m

five medium - mold #913m​  https://www.sweetartmaster.com/product-page/dogwood-center-mold-m-mid-bloom-913m

two big - mold #912m https://www.sweetartmaster.com/product-page/dogwood-center-l-last-flowering-stage-912m

Dogwood centers. (see the picture below, picture #1)

7. Color centers with lime green and sour apple petal dust and on the ends a lit bit of yellow and pink.

8. Prepare a small amount of base (or white) gum paste like you did with the green. Place the paste into a plastic food bag.




9. Take a small piece and roll out on a nonstick board.

10. Cut 2 ¼- 2 ½ inches of 28-gauge white wire. Moisturize the end of the wire with the edible glue.

11. Use the smallest cutter # 127c1  https://www.sweetartmaster.com/product-page/dogwood-petal-cutters-set-of-two-127c1-126c1

for dogwood petals and 28-gauge white wire (moisturize the end of the wire with the edible glue). Cut out the shape. (picture#2)



12. Make edges thinner with a medium size boll tool.




13. Make a petal relief with a veiner of dogwood petals #127v                  

https://www.sweetartmaster.com/product-page/dogwood-petals-set-of-two-126v-and-127v .

Gently create a natural petal shape and leave to dry for at least 12 hours. (picture#3)


14. For the cake make 2 small, 5 medium and 2 big flowers,

Using veiners #126v, 125v, 124v




cutters #126c1, 125c1,124c1.





15. For coloring dogwood petals, use pink petal dust and lime green and brown colors on the ends of petals. (picture#5)


16. To assemble dogwood flowers, add to the flower center two first petals (one is opposite the other) (picture#6), add the other two like the first. (picture#7), using pale green flower tape.


17. For making dogwood leaves, mix base, yellow and green colors gum paste (4:1:1).


18. Use dogwood leaves veiners #518v, 519v https://www.sweetartmaster.com/product-page/dogwood-leaves-set-of-two-518v-and-519v

and cutters #518c1, 519c1 


(the technique is the same as for making petals) work with green 26-gauge green wire. (picture#8)



19. For the cake make 18 small leaves and 34 big leaves.

20. Leave to dry for 12 hours. (picture#9)

21. Use lime green petal dust to color dogwood leaves (apply the color only on the front of leaves). Mix confectioners glaze with alcohol (35%:65%), insert each petal into the solution. Leave to dry for 1 hour or more.




22. Attach two small leaves together using pale green tape.  Add 2 big leaves 1/4 inch lower and 2-2 ½ inches 22-gauge green wire making the branch use brown florist tape.




23. Make the second branch using only two big leaves.




24. Take one of dogwood flowers, assemble it with two dogwood leaves branches (place the branches approximately 3/4 inch lower using a brown tape).

25. Mix fuchsia and royal purple with base gum paste.  Make an intense lilac color. Place the paste into a plastic food bag. (picture#10)

26. Make lilac buds using a mold # 916m   https://www.sweetartmaster.com/product-page/lilac-three-buds-mold-916m

(it is same approach as we did with dogwood centers). Use white or green 28-gauge wire. For the cake make 15 lilac buds of intense color. Leave to dry for 12 hours or more.

27. Roll out the paste on a board for making small flowers and cut out lilac flower using a lilac flower cutter # 114c1.





28. Use a veiner # 114v to make beautiful natural relief. (picture#11). Gently separate the flower from the veiner



29. Take 1 ½ -2 inches white or green 30 gauge wire. Make a hook. Moisturize the end of the wire with the edible glue. Insert the wire into the center of the flower.

30. With the help of tweezers, add to the flower four very small yellow stamens. (picture#12). Leave the flower to dry for 12 hours or more.


31. Repeat same process to make lilac flowers with the help of cutters #115c1, #116c1 https://www.sweetartmaster.com/product-page/lilac-flowers-cutters-set-of-three

and veiners # 115v, #116v


32. For the cake need to make 22 lilac flowers of this color.

33. Mix fuchsia and royal purple with base gum paste.  Achieve a delicate lilac color. Place the paste into a plastic food bag.

34. Make 16 buds and 20 flowers using the paste.



35. Cover each stem with a pale green flower tape. (picture#13) Color all bases of flowers and buds with lime- green petal dust. Add violet color to emphasize the relief of flowers and buds.

36. Start the assembling from the top of branch: take 2 buds and add a little bit lower 1 or 2 more. Next part include 2 buds and 1 flower (make it couple times), attach 1 bud and 2 flowers, repeat the process also couple of times. Assemble all the parts in an inflorescence. Remember that this branch will lie on one-side, arrange flowers very carefully and check all of them before putting them on the cake surface.  Use a tweezers for changing  the position of the flowers.




37. For making lilac leaves mix base, green and yellow color gum paste (1:1:1/3).




38. Use veiners # 516v, 517v


and cutters # 516c1, 517c1


Make 8 small and 2 big lilac leaves.




39. Color the leves with mix of forest, pine and sage petal dust after completely drying. Insert each petal into the solution of confectionary varnish (25%:75%). Leave to dry for 2 hours or more.




40. Form two leaf buds (each is on a 30-gauge wire) using pale green florist tape. (picture#14). Add a piece of 24-gauge wire to the buds and cover the stem with brown tape. For first two branches attach 3 small lilac leaves, for next ones add one small and one big leaf.



41. Form whole branch of lilac adding flowers and leaves. (picture#15, picture#16)




42. For the cake, place on the top of 8 inches cake 3 dogwood flowers with leaves, lilac branch, 3 dogwood flowers more and second branch of lilac making a ring.




43. Add 2 flowers with leaves on the bottom on one side and 1 flower – on the other side.




Enjoy your sugar work with Sweet Art Master!